How to Draw


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Bad drawing of bird bath

Ugh. This is for all you people who either think that I can’t draw to save my life, or think you can’t draw to save your life.

This is a bird bath that’s in our front garden. Its right by a large window in our kitchen, maybe six feet or less from our kitchen table. The birds do use it, some of the time for bathing, but mostly for drinking. Because of the light here, and how little rain we get, I need to refill this most days or it will go dry. Its one of my little every day chores, but it is one of my favorite chores.

The things in the bird bath are 1) a metal sailboat. This is also a sundial, and there are numbers in roman numerals around the edge. I put them in the drawing. 2) River stones. These are for the bees, so they don’t drown, but mostly because there’s an old trick for keeping water from freezing and helping it thaw more quickly if you put stones in. In a shallow dish, the black stones warm up faster, and so they melt the ice around them just a little. This is enough for the bird to be able to drink, even when it is up to five to eight degrees below freezing.

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