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How to Draw a Dragon Head – Sideways View

Anybody can draw a dragon head with a few simple lines. This dragon drawing shows the head at an angle.
Step 1:
Draw one long line.
The top curve or arc of the line is the side spike of the dragon’s head. The tighter curve in the middle is the eye socket. The end of the line hooks down to make the dragon’s nose.
Step 2
The second line forms the far side of the dragon’s head.
The upward curve in the middle is the far eye socket.

Step 3

Draw diamonds for the eyes.
Don’t make the far eye too wide or it will look weird. You can shade the eyes to make them look round, or leave them solid for contrast.

Step 4.
The jaw of the dragon.
Take a look at Arab horses for how to make a sleek jawbone.
Step 5
The bottom part of the jaw.
I like the hooked look for the bottom jaw as well – kind of hawk like.
Step 6
Filling in the jaw so it looks three dimensional.
You could also add a forked tongue if you wanted.
Step 7
Adding the spikes on the back of the head.
This dragon has five spikes, but it could certainly have three or seven spikes. One spike doesn’t look quite as good unless you draw the jaw differently.
Step 8.
The finished head. With the neck drawn in. You could add spikes along the back of the neck, too. And, of course, you could give your dragon visible nostrils.

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