How to Draw


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Drawing of my hand

This is a pretty standard early drawing exercise. Its a good way to record where you are at the beginning of your study of drawing. So I did a drawing of my hand to show you how badly I draw when I’m out of practice. Alas, getting into practice may take several months, but if that’s what it takes, then fine.

So here’s the badly drawn hand:

It you look at this and think “Wow, that’s terrible! I can do SO much better than that!” then great. Do get out your pencils and show me up. Part of the reason I show these terrible drawings is to make you guys feel better, to lower the bar, so you don’t feel like you have to be some great talented artist in order to draw stuff.

I did not put my hand in too challenging a position. If I was feeling more confident, I could have curled a couple of the fingers, or twisted the hand into some interesting position that would have created some foreshortening to deal with. But this is just a beginning exercise, and I am just posting this to show where I started from.

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