How to Draw


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Drawing of the front garden, with a space for new roses

I drew this a few minutes ago. I’m trying to build the habit of drawing first thing in the morning. It seems that in the late afternoon and evening, almost anything I try to sketch comes out awful. Not always, but I did five whole pages of bad cat drawings yesterday around four pm until I decided it was time to give up and just do something else.

This is what a corner of the front garden looks like. Sort of – its just a line drawing, and obviously the real thing is much more interesting. For instance, the tree does have leaves. Sure, it is dry here in New Mexico, but in case some of you were concerned… yes we do have trees.

The strands of what looks like beads hanging from the trees are just that. They’re Mardi Gras beads. I collected them in New Orleans about a week after Mardi Gras this year. Was there for a bachelorette party and decided to come a few days early. Had a GREAT time, and these were the second best things I brought back. The best things were pralines. Forget drugs – give me pralines!

I added a handwritten note in the lower left hand corner to show where the roses are going. If they live. They were dug up and put in garbage bags with some dirt and water and have sat like that, in the sun, for two days. I am picking them up this afternoon… not sure if they are going to make it, but I’ll try.

I like the simplicity of line art drawings. The problem is that there is NO room for mistakes. I drew this with a regular writing pen – a Uniball Vision Elite, actually, with the fine point. I have about two dozen of these pens in different colors around the house. They’re what I make lists in and write everything in. They are pretty good for drawing, too. I’ve been wondering about getting a “proper” black drawing pen. Am going to the art supply store for an erasable marker today anyway. Hopefully I won’t get anything that I don’t need… the plain old black pen I did this with is completely acceptable, and I don’t have to worry about losing some expensive pen.

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