How to Draw a Dragon Head

Anybody can draw a dragon head with a few simple lines. This is what the final drawing looks like.
Step 1 The first step of how to draw a dragon. The first arc down makes the spines of the dragon's head. The dip of the stroke is the dragon's forehead (think of a horse's forehead and nose). The last bit is the hook of the dragon's nose, or beak - think of a hawk's beak.
Step 2 This makes the jaw of the dragon's head.
Step 3. This is the bottom jaw. Adding a little hook, like the top part of the jaw, adds a nice touch
Step 4. Making the other spikes from the dragon's head.
Step 5. Adding the eye. Dragon eyes seem to look better if they're sharp and slanted instead of being round like human eyes.
Step 6. The bottom of the eye. Fill it in for better definition against the rest of the image.