How to Draw


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My office door

This is a really simple line drawing that I did for my daily drawing. I was just sitting on my couch, stumped about what to draw, and so I drew this. It came out better than I expected. Its weird how I struggle with finding things to draw, and then all of a sudden I just focus on something I saw before, but was ignoring, and ta-da: I have found something good to draw.

The tiles in the floor of the hallway worried me at first, but they actually weren’t that hard to do at all. I just copied exactly what I saw, and they worked out fine.

I did cheat on the door itself. I actually have a photgraph on the top part of the door. I got lazy and decided to just skip over it – the photo is of a stream with a lot of large rocks over it. I should have put it in there… was just being impatient.

Another thing that I skipped over was the paint. The two walls of the corner (but not the wall that the calender is on) are both painted blue. The other walls in the drawing are actually white. I could have shaded the two walls with the side of my pencil lead, but I skipped it because I was worried it would not come out even, and that it would make the drawing confusing somehow. However, now that I’m looking at this drawing, it would have been worth the time to do the shading – it often looks really good if you shade one distinctive shape in a drawing – it seems to make the shapes pop in a better way.

The worry about not getting the shading right is a cop-out, too. Being able to shade a space evenly is one of those little drawing skills that you just have to know how to do. It requires no talent, just practice.

But, hey. I got my daily drawing done. Even when I was tired, and didn’t want to draw anything. And that’s WAY better than nothing.

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